Monday, 17 December 2012

So ur gifted with that fabulous extravagant luxurious twin set (earings, necklace, bracelet and ring).
Or you probably saw this great unique find in a bazaar. Ethnic designs showcasing african or mangyan culture.

Or u were in Palawan and u just cant resist those HUGE SOUTH SEA PEARLS. Problem is, they come in sets.

So, What's the gameplan on wearing them?

I found myself in those situations plenty of times and once or twice I committed the ultimate lapse of sound fashion judgement.

After several hits and miss & discretely going to the toilet to pocket one or two of my worn baubles..

I conclude that we SHOULD only wear all of these lovely twin sets, at the same time, in these conditions --

1. We are the Queen attending a state dinner or a royal wedding;  (or in our echelon level, Ninang sa Kasal / wedding sponsor);

2. In our deathbed, when putting them on is not our own doing.

Let's face it, the world can only take one or two explosions (one in Baghdad, and perhaps another in Afghanistan).  The rest of the world (North Korea, Iran.…) have to wait for their turn.

Same goes with our accessories.

Like rockets or warheads, we launch them one at a time -- for maximum and sustained impact.
Our PRESENCE alone is already Explosive, all the rest are simply… well,  fireworks.

So, here's my rule of thumb:

[ ] Huge and/or Dangling earings calls for bare neck. It needs an open space to set-off nicely.   Don't choke the view by adding that choker.  Your audience's attention can only take so much. If you pull back the hair a bit, sets off nicely as well. For christ's sake, u paid for it. Wear it and dont hide it behind that lustrous of mop of hair.

[ ] Statement Rings / Cocktail Rings call for pale nail polish. A colorful and trendy polish like Red, Nail arts or Cracked nails are already Screaming … "look here!"   You don't need to attach a loud speaker. Choose only one. Unless

[ ]

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