Monday, 28 May 2012

Young and Livin' the Life!

Marlon and Pen Ilagan are living the life most young people, at their age, are still dreaming of.

They have barely reached their 30s.  Yet, they have achieved a lifestyle that most folks would take years to work for.

No, they were not born rich nor did they inherit tons of money from their parents.  What's admirable with this couple, is that they worked from scratch everything they have now.

Marlon was a junior college student at the Ateneo de Manila,  taking up Chemistry and Computer Engineering when his classmate introduced him to a business opportunity at 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City;  which was Nu Skin.

“A huge income that comes every month whether you like it or not.”  These were words that gave me sleepless nights after I saw the Nu Skin business presentation. The supporting company profile was superb. Their track record was excellent."  I signed-up right then and there after the opportunity was presented to me.
Pen was a self-sufficient, working student from San Beda college taking up International Business and Entrepreneurial Management.  She is an only child, whose parents have long-separated.  She was used to  taking care of herself and her dream was to have her own business so she wouldn't  have to work for anybody.  She was introduced to Nu Skin by a friend whom she met in one of her quest for businesses to engage in.

The two met at the Nu Skin premises, while each were doing their own thing, carving out their own names in the world of networking. 

"I am impressed by his being down-to-earth and his ambition to  make a name for himself. His family is well-off.  He had the best education.  He could've taken over his family business as sole distributor of a popular noodle brand in the South of Manila. He could've just accepted any of the lucrative job offers he had after graduating from Ateneo.  Yet he had a vision of something bigger.  He is a man of big dreams."  Pen says of Marlon.

While Marlon on the other hand, describes Pen as no-nonsense kind of girl.  "She has been through a lot with her family.  At an early age, she knows how to earn money and make it work for her. She's very independent.  She is not petty and shallow like most people our age.   I was impressed by her passion in everything she sets her mind into."

Needless to say, the young couple made their commitment to each other for keeps. 

It was to be a marriage made in heaven.  For three successive years in a row, Pen gave birth to their three  lovely children, Miko, Maki and Mika.

Business-wise, they are having the time of their lives.   They travel all over the world, and have established a business that allows the time and financial freedom to enjoy with their kids and friends, whenever and wherever they want to.

"Today as Blue Diamonds, we are enjoying our lives to the fullest. Although we are still actively growing our Nu Skin business full-time to greater heights, the rewards are worth it. We get to dedicate as much time as we want to our children without a boss calling us back to work. We get to go on vacation, yet know that our business is still making money. We get to enjoy life, even at a relatively young age."

"We truly feel that we are blessed. But, the best thing about this opportunity is that this is possible for everybody. Through Nu Skin, all of you have this choice. This is a choice to work hard for a few years, and then reap the rewards of a lifetime of happiness. This is a choice to focus on being the best that you can be. We urge everyone to make this decision. We all have one life to live, don’t wish for it to be easy, instead decide to make it worth it."

The couple barely reached their 30s. Pen is only 24 years old, while Marlon is 28.  But with the achievements that they have accomplished, they are certainly worthwhile emulating!
The couple shares their thoughts on their experiences on building a network marketing business. CLICK HERE.

 ** Should you wish to be a part of the Nu Skin opportunity. Nu Skin has office at the 15th floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, with telephone numbers 632-8-NUSKIN.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Young and Livin' the Life! (part two)

Marlon and Pen Ilagan, Nu Skin Philippines' Blue Diamond executives and recipient of Direct Selling Association of the Philippines' Top Entrepreneur of the Year, answers some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding networking and the rewarding opportunity of Nu Skin Enterprises.

What is the most challenging aspect in the Nu Skin business that you constantly had to hurdle?

The most challenging aspect of this business is when people quit. I understand that many people are normally quitters.

This business is about finding and helping people who want to help themselves. Other people may quit on the business, but I will never quit on my dreams.

What are the instances that you almost gave up (please specify) but what made (specify also) you continue to move on with the business?
Ever since I joined Nuskin, I made a one time decision to become successful no matter what. It never crossed my mind to quit.

How do you motivate yourself?
 Every time I go home, I see my wonderful kids, Miko, Maki, and Mika. I truly want the best life for them. They give me strength to continue when I am tired. When on the road in different provinces, I always call them or look at their picture. They remind me that I must pursue excellence in this business to give them a dream lifestyle

What is the secret to getting new clients? Sponsoring new people?
There is no secret. Hard work, focus, and consistency is key. 

How do you break the ice, when talking to new people? When doing "bumps"?
Honestly, I don't know how to do bumps. I always advocate sponsoring from warm market always, and working on the warm market of new partners. 

Do you still have people in your chicken list? who?
Not anymore. 

What is the most valuable gift that this business has given you?
Time with my family. The ability to become the best husband, provider, and father to my family. The business also gave me the ability to eliminate money problems from our life. 

You are a leader, managing leaders. how do you handle your organization, especially that they have become bigger and they are leaders in their own rights?
I truly believe that to grow my organization, I must lead by example. Leaders always lead on the battlefield, not in a strategy room.

what is your future goals in your business and why?
My short term goal in the business is to be team elite this year. For the next 5 years, my goal is to create 1,000 new executives & 20 Blue Diamonds in my organization. I want to create wealth that can be passed on to my family for generations. This can only be achieved by helping other people become successful also.

What are the regrets that you have, and how do you live with it?
I have no regrets. Our past does not define our future. The beauty of this business is that it enables us to create the future we desire free from our past mistakes. 

Any message for the new distributors/ sign-ups/ for those who are still thinking of joining Nu Skin?
This will be the most rewarding experience you can have. This business won't be easy, but definitely it will be the easiest business you can ever own. Keep your focus and don't ever quit.

** Should you wish to be a part of the Nu Skin opportunity. Nu Skin has office at the 15th floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, with telephone numbers 632-8-NUSKIN.