Sunday, 25 September 2011

List of Food I Miss from PH

List of Food that I miss so much... and will Eat, as soon as I get home to the Philippines.

1. Purefoods Corned Beef
2. Pugon de Manila Pan de Sal
3. Spaghetti Sweet style from Jollibee
4. Granny Goose Red Tortillos
5. Isaw, Balunbalunan from UP Diliman
6. Danggit - small ones, and lightly salted
7. Pampanga's Best Tocino, Longganisa
8. Cassava Cake from palengke
9. Bibingka from Ferino's
10. Tita Sol's Kakanin (circular, with the Latik)
11. Lukban Longganisa from Buddy's in Ortigas
17. Pichi-pichi with Cheese & Pancit Puti from Amber along Mandaluyong
18. Turon with Langka from the vendor sa kanto ng Bagong Ilog, Pasig
19. Ginataang Suso (escargot/ snails) from Cabalen
20. Kare-Kare and Bagoong from Max's Restaurant
21. Sisig from Bahay ni Juan in Kapitolyo
22. Saging na Latundan
23. Balot
24. Ensaladang Talong at Manggang Hilaw with Bagoong
25. Small Dilis na Crispy but not sweetened or salted
26. Century Tuna Hot & Spicy
27. Manggang Hilaw
28. Manggang Hinog

I'm not yet finished with the list...... I'm homesick.. already :(

If you're visiting me and thinking of pasalubong from the Philippines... I'm sooo easy to please.
Just choose from the above. :)

What's on your List?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

List Obsessions

I am obsessed with Lists.

I list things-to-do.
I list things-to-do if I have the time.
I list things-to-buy.
I list things-to-buy if I have the money.
I list places I want to visit in my lifetime.
I list menu at home... gifts for christmas...skills that my kids need to learn...holidays coming-up..
I list friends' names whom I need to call, write or message.
I list things that my husband needs to do.
I list food.... exercises routine.. to gain weight...lose weight.
I list favorite songs.
I list goals.
I list dreams.
I list my thoughts... useful or otherwise.

I don't know what I will do without my list.

There are times, I woke up in the middle of the night to make lists.

I make list on a moving vehicles.
I write list on a small notebook, on my iphone, on my old ericsson phone, on the back of receipts, on a piece of torn paper from my son's notebooks.

When I don't have any means of writing... I list on my mind.

One life's satisfying moments.. is ticking off one's lists .... one by one as they are accomplished....

This blog is plain and simple. My Lists.

1. To unload my thoughts.
2. To share with others my we can compare each others' list and learn from each other.
3. To collect and immortalize my favorite lists.
4. To have some creative output.
5. To have a virtual library of my list, that I can always go back to, when I forget things.

Ultimately, we list because at the back of our mind.... We Know We Can do It!
We can juggle, we can multi-task, we can fit everything on schedule, stay on budget...on course.

We Can Make the Most of out Life.

I'm so excited for this new blog.
I'm already making a List on my mind ....... Lists of thing I can write about.

Do you also list?