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A Lady of 4 Bs ~ Beauty, Brains, Breeding & Bucks

"A woman is like a tea bag.  You will never know how strong she is, until she is placed in hot water." 
~ Eleanor Roosevelt,  US Diplomat, Reformer,  1st lady of Franklin D. Roosevelt

She looks delicate like bone china.  Seemingly stamped with a label "Handle with Care."  Evoking in every man that sees her ~   "Cannot be Reached" "High Maintenance."

But as they say, looks can be deceiving.  This lady can hold her own among men.  Successful in her own right,  she earns her own keep and she has surmounted more than a fair share of  life's challenges. 

Rhea Horrilleno - Gudani, is one of Nu Skin's most beautiful and top-earning distributors in the Philippines.   Nu Skin Enterprises (NYSE : NUS) is an American direct-selling and network marketing company which develops and sells premium personal care products and health supplements.

A native of Zamboanga City ~ Rhea was half-way thru university,  when her world came crashing.  A tragedy struck her family.  The household was attacked by unknown assailant with the intent to rob and harm.  She escaped their onslaught by hiding in a small room,  upon the urging of her mother, who unfortunately did not survive the ordeal.

She has the best laugh, a face that promises happiness of ageless beauty , a body that one can only dream of proportion. Love, wisdom and strength that a daughter carves out her fortune, God's beautiful bride , what more can I say ... but blessed because she is my nother ~ Mary-lou Ingrid "Vicky" P. Horrilleno (Rhea's tribute to her Mom)

The incident caused a setback on Rhea's dream of becoming a cosmetic surgeon.  She had to stop school and fend for herself.  During a family gathering in the US, her cousin JP Villegas, mentioned a an exciting new business opportunity, that was expanding in the Philippines ~  Nu Skin.  She was familiar with Nu Skin products but she didn't realize the business aspect of it.

Initially, Rhea only wanted a side income so she can earn and finish her studies.  But doing Nu Skin is addictive.  "I met a lot of different people. My world opened up!  I developed myself, my confidence and perspective in life.... not to mention.. earning so much more at a young age! It's  possible pala! "  When she finished her course Medical Technology,  she totally forgot about becoming a cosmetic surgeon, but instead she wanted to become a Blue Diamond. 

(A Blue Diamond is Nu Skin's top-tier level in terms of compensation.  A Blue Diamond has the potential to earn as much as seven figures in commissions monthly!)

With her studies out of the way, Rhea was now able to do the Nu Skin business full-throttle.  Her hardwork eventually started paying-off.  "I enjoy every aspect of the business.  Learning. Training.  Presenting.  All the recognition.  The incentive gifts.  Travelling with my team ~ enjoying the fruits of our labors." 

"The best thing about this business, it allows me to work with people I am most comfortable with.  They're not only my business partners but we have become real friends."

" We work together, we share our challenges, our successes, our dreams... and in the process, we relish the rewards together, as well."

Focus and Drive is her namesake.  "I decided to  make Nu Skin as my one and only option to a privileged lifestyle.  I had no room for negativity and distractions."

During the usual goal-setting sessions I have with Rhea, as her Account Manager, we would discuss life, especially her lovelife, outside the business.  But Rhea, would always boil everything to her dream.  "Ga,  Love can wait. No marriage until I become Blue Diamond." We know she will achieve it... it was only a matter of time.

"All these successes, I owe it all to the Lord and my team who have always been there for me.  My goal is for each and everyone of them,  to achieve everything that I have been blessed with."

Then, on March 2009, she finally walked the red carpet at the  Philippine International Convention Center as Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines' 8th Blue Diamond.

Dream fulfilled, she now turned her attention to one aspect of her life, that took a backseat, her lovelife!  But Rhea was not in a hurry.  A prayerful woman, she was leaving it up to the Lord, whomever He chose to be the perfect partner for her.  

It was divine providential.  Ryan Gudani is an acquaintance in Church.  However, they were not really close friends.  But God is Love, and love works in mysterious ways.  

On, 1-11-12, she walked down the aisle on a beautiful garden wedding at Ville Sommet Tagaytay.

The fairy tale wedding continued to an exciting honeymoon at Paris, France and Rome, Milan, Venice Italy.

Rhea is not one to rest on her laurels. Recently,  she was awarded by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines, two consecutive years as Entrepreneur of the Year  (2010 and 2011).

1st DSAP Award in 2010, with her business partners Shiela & Ian  Evangelista

2nd DSAP Award in 2011

 She also co-hosts a long-running TV program, DOC TV with Dr. Edwin Bien. The program was recently given the Anak TV seal for its family-oriented health topics.

On the side and just for fun and exercise,  Rhea engages in the most challenging and sexy fitness work-out, Pole Dancing ~ and from these moves, we can tell she's already a Pro at this :)

An amazing entrepreneur and leader.   If you are interested in the Nu Skin Opportunity, or you are already in the business,  there is so much to learn from Rhea.

 I was able to correspond with her lately, and her insights are invaluable.   Click here for more of Rhea's Insights.

For your queries on the Nu Skin business opportunity, visit  Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Rhea's Reign

Rhea Horrilleno - Gudani, one of Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines' most beautiful and one of the top-earning distributors; awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for two consecutive years by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines, and mentor of more than a thousand business partners in South East Asia and the US.  

Rhea candidly shares her insights on some of the thought-provoking questions on developing and creating a successful business in Nu Skin.   With her success and the lifestyle she leads for herself and her business partners,  she is truly  someone whose insights are invaluable.

What is the most challenging aspect of the business that you constantly have to hurdle?

The most challenging aspect that I had to overcome is change in myself. I say this because I come from a different background. I have no family influence in business and no experience at all. I was surrounded with people who think normally. I thought to be normal is normal. 

In this business you just have to be different from the rest and be above normal if you want a different kind of result from the majority. I had to change my beliefs, my mindset and my actions in order to achieve more permanent things in life and that for me was my the greatest challenge.

Changing myself and stretching myself ~ it was never easy because I had the tendency to go back to the reality I was used to.  It was a constant practice . I had to be a new "Me."  When I experienced that change, all the other challenges like rejection, deception etc. became part of the process.

Are there instances when you almost gave up?  What made you continue to move on with the business?

I never thought of giving up. Because to give up means giving up on my dreams and goals.   My goals were just bigger than my circumstances. I had to make a decision in the beginning that I will finish what I started and never quit.

Although, I can say I was distracted from time to time by some people having instant gratification who are enjoying the "now " and sacrifice the bigger things in the future. This slowed me down in the business because I wanted to enjoy right away!  Distraction interrupts the growth of your business and I realize people exchange what they want at the moment from what they want the most. 

If I want bigger rewards and permanent rewards I have to practice delayed gratification and that's what I did to focus on my bigger goals ~  to make temporary sacrifices so I can enjoy permanent rewards. That helped me stayed in the business. But quitting was never an option.

How do you motivate yourself?
I motivate myself by setting monthly and yearly goals. I'm a very goal-oriented person. I started with a couple of list that I want to achieve by age 30.  Now, I'm 33 I have achieved most of them and my list keeps adding up. My purpose and goals motivate me.  Each goal you achieve means you have grown as a person you have matured as a person. Each goal is part of your story that continues to inspire people. No one can motivate you except yourself . I'm also motivated by the fact that this business was a gift from God and I should be a good steward of this Blessing, I want to give back excellently to the Lord .

What is the secret to sponsoring new people?
First, I pray before I start my day. I ask God to lead me to the right people who deserve this business. Not everyone deserves this business.  It's only for people who have the courage to fight for their goals and provide the best to their family by doing what it takes. I look for these people when I do prospecting.

I ask myself, "Who can I be of a blessing today?"  God never failed to send the right people to me. All you need to do is open your mouth and God will do the rest. When your mouth is open your business is open, when your mouth is closed your business is closed . I also get a lot of referrals from satisfied customers, They have a special place in my heart, they refer friends who want to experience the kind of quality service I give through the products,  that's why my list never runs out.

 How do you break the ice, when talking to new people? When doing "bumps"?

A smile is your greatest accessory that you can wear it lightens up someone's day. When you smile, they smile back and conversation can happen naturally. Start with a sincere compliment and you always get a positive response. Think of making new friends rather than business partners so you won't have to be concious of your actions.

Do you still have people in your chicken list? People whom you are scared of presenting the opportunity?

I don't have a chicken list since I started in a cold market and had zero contacts in Manila. But, since I made prospecting a daily habit, that is how I build new contacts. But for people who have a chicken list I suggest to focus on these people first.  It's a good warm up and practice.

 What is the most valuable gift that this business has given you?

Patience - I learned to be patient in all things. It takes time to build success and significance. A lot of patience is needed because of the process. Because of patience I end up with the right people, at the right time, and because of patience I learn to value delayed gratification and have the best. Left overs go to those people who does know how to wait.  I'm a changed person because I learned this trait. I have outgrown the material things ~ Nu Skin will always deliver your goals.  It's the chang inside of you that's more valuable.

You are a leader, managing leaders.  How do you handle your organization, especially that they have become bigger and they are leaders in their own rights?
I work with my eagles. I determine my star players and work closely with them , it's impossible for you to work with everyone. I spend time with them learning about their families, their hopes and dreams . I match every commitment they give in the business and run with them the extra mile, when this happens the duplication happens naturally down the line. Your people will duplicate the same intensity that you started with them.

You already reached Blue Diamond Status, what are your remaining goals in your business?  
(*a Blue Diamond is Nu Skin's top-tier level where distributors have the potential to earn as much as seven figures monthly!)

My future goals is to develop more blue diamonds. The more Blue Diamonds we have the more inspiration we can give. I want to uplift the lives of every Filipino family , so we can stop exporting parents or children abroad . Every Filipino family deserves to be together . My utmost goal is to use my success to proclaim Gods kingdom . I want to influence every individual to live a life passionately for Jesus. I don't know how but I'm sure God is working on it.

Any regrets? And how do you live with them?

I have no regrets only lessons learned. I cherish every challenge that came along , the mistakes I have done was just there to mold me to be the person God purposed me to be. Every challenge, I look at the lessons that God wants to teach me. Everything that happens to you is of purpose . It is part of the story you will tell the world.

The best advice you got is usually the best advice that you can give.
What is the most importance advice you can give to the new ones who desire to achieve what you have achieved?

My message to all distributors is...  Never, never give up.  Learn to fight for your purpose and goals . Don't be like the majority.   Don't settle for mediocrity , there is more to life than just being stuck on where you are and going around circles. Work to better yourself and achieve the best version of yourself. The business becomes easier when you get better in the business.

Nu Skin is full of adventure ~ you will discover great things about yourself and life in general. You will gain better friends and start a family of achievers. You will leave a mark of significance in every person you are blessed to work with. This is the greatest moment of life when you are given the responsibility to change people's direction and destination. 

Lastly,  make God your ultimate business partner.  Yes, there is so much you can do as a human being but you still need divine intervention.  Dedicate your success to Jesus He should be the reason for everything success without God is emptiness.


If you are interested to join Nu Skin ~ you may get in-touch with them thru Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines at 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City with telephone numbers +632-8-NUSKIN.
I daresay, Women of Beauty and Substance.  The Blogger & Rhea H.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nurturing a Child's Heart @ 15th Flr. Octagon Building

"Running a household with kids is like running a kindergarten, except there is no dismissal time."

Admit it. No matter how we love our kids, we sometimes wish our kids can be shipped-off to Timbuktu if only to have a short time-off for awhile.  It's hard to raise children! They look so cute and cuddly in the photographs.  But be with them 24/7, especially for homemakers without helpers ~ you will be ready to say, Augh!  Why did I ever agree to go forth and multiply!

If you think I'm so bad that I'm saying this.  I challenge you to trade places with a homemaker.  

But then again, Which is worse, running kindergarten or a pediatric ward?

I'm pertaining to households whose children are sick with debilitating diseases :(  

Have you been to the pediatric ward of PGH?  It's one of the saddest places on earth that I've ever been to. :( :( Seeing the sick kids and their parents who are at their wits' ends how to alleviate the kids' condition.... will literally bring tears to your eyes.  

One of the most common "in-born" illnesses in children is Congenital Heart Disease.  Children born with this ailment have abnormal heart structures. The blood cannot circulate well, as a result, they lack proper oxygen to do normal activities that children their age do ... skip, run, jump.  Normal actuation that we take for granted.

Moreover, children with this ailment have under-developed limbs and muscles, poor feeding or growth, and susceptible to respiratory infections.  It's so deadly,  some children don't get past the age of 2, if they are not treated.  :(

mothers and their children with heart diseases
They sometimes look normal, but underneath their heart is failing them.

I learned about this through Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, with office at 15th Floor Octagon building, Ortigas, Pasig City.   Nu Skin Philippines has a foundation called South East Asia Children's Heart Fund (SEA-CHF).  Nu Skin is one of the few companies which has partnered with the CHILD Foundation (Child Health in Life & Development) of Phil. General Hospital (PGH) to generate funds to help operate on these kids, before the ailment eventually takes their lives.

Do you know that in the Philippines, 8 in every 1000 new-borns are affected with congenital heart diseases?  What's worse, most of these children are born to poor families (poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy), who cannot afford the high cost of treatment....thereby having greater risk of dying.  The cost is like having a mini-Heart By-pass!  

Heart surgery for one child costs about 50,000 Php (500 USD); Thanks goodness for PGH doctors who waive all the fees for the conduct of an operation.  The 50,000 Php is just for the expensive materials used in the operation!

Nu Skin's SEA-CHF launches fund-raising  programs to help finance these heart surgeries.  The best thing about this is, everyone can be involved.

For instance,  A Life, A Day program.  A distributor can sponsor a child's heart operation.   But let's face it, 50,000 Php is such a huge amount, unless you are a top-tier earner in the company.

Ryan, a sickly boy when Nu Skin intervene to help in his heart operation. Now, he's an active 8yo. grade school student. Here he wrote a letter of thanks thru Ms. Arlene Asidao, Sr. Manager for Sales & Marketing

Nu Skin conceptualized a commission-deduction program.  Distributors can donate 1% of their monthly commissions to the foundation.  It's automated, system-processed monthly! Isn't it great?!  Regular donations coming-in! Mind you, high-tier level distributors regularly earn 6-figure commissions monthly, so 1% is not bad at all!  

Employees, on one hand, may also participate in salary deduction monthly or leave conversion.  This is the best!  Unused leaves which are usually convertible to cash ~ can be donated to the foundation!  Bonuses from unused leaves are windfalls we don't really expect.  So, how about making a difference in a child's life?

We have benefit-events, luncheons, fund-raising activities... all focused single-handedly to raise money for the operation of these kids.  We are sort of "pressed for time."  There is a long list in PGH of children that need to be operated on.  It is a common occurrence that children just die, while waiting for their turn at the operating table. :(( Sad!  

I recall one of our activities with the children.  They usually come to the office at 15th Floor Octagon Building.  Before school season starts, we give them school materials; and during Christmas, we have a Jollibee party with them.  Usually we see the same kids every meeting.  These are the kids on  the waitlist in PGH.  Sometimes, we ask the PGH staff, "Oh, where's so and so? He was here last Christmas"  And the usual reply breaks your heart..."Unfortunately,  he/she is gone...."

There are currently 83 kids on the waitlist of the PGH Pediatric Cardiology Department.  These children needs immediate operations on their little hearts.  They are literally waiting for a chance of a lifetime.  I hope they get their chance soon .... before it's too late.

You want to make a Difference?

In any amount you are willing, you may donate to the Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund, through Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, located at 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City; with telephone numbers +632-8NUSKIN or email 48hr_reply_phils@nuskin.com. You may also access their website thru http://www.nuskin.com.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

From 15th Flr. Octagon Bldg. Ortigas to the World

If you came across this blog, chances are, you are researching about this company at 15th Flr. Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.   Chances are,  someone invited you to look at a business opportunity. 
Well, congratulations! You stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime.  

Do you like travelling?
Do you like meeting a lot of new people?
Do you envision a luxurious life for you and your loved ones, and the time freedom to enjoy them?
Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines is open to all individuals who have the courage to go after their dreams.  I have been witness to how lives were transformed in this business.  It's a lot of hardwork, there's no denying that.  But the rewards are well-worth the effort.

I had the opportunity to travel with Nu Skin business leaders in the past few years.  It was overwhelming to be with people who are driven to succeed.  They work hard, and they play hard! 
Here are some scenes from our super fun trips around Asia.

Malaysia (2008)

Shanghai, China (2008)

Beijing, China (2009)

Blue Diamond Leaders Venus & Perci Lazo, Ojay & Yang Reantaso, Diamond Executive Jon Chua and Ruby Exec Carlo Capacillo.... to name a few..

Perci Lazo, Carlo Capacillo, Arlene Asidao (Sales & Marketing Manager), myself (Account Manager), Venus Lazo, KL Dacera - Agustin & Daniel Laogan, Jr.

There were about 30 or so of us.  Let me just mention a few:  Team Elite Paola Llorando,  Eric Tan, Diamond Executive Joanne Ong, Ruby Executives Maidee Tan, Mark and Maddie Chua

Brisbane, Australia 2011

Business Leaders, Pamela Joy Soriano, Grace Turiano, Carmelita Emphasis and General Manager of Nu Skin Philippines, Pete De La Cruz ~ at Movieworld, Brisbane, Australia

Colleagues from Nu Skin South East Asia

Dinner and cruise in one of the islands in Brisbane, Australia

Singapore 2010

As Nu Skin corporate support, we also get our own trips, as reward for all our hard work.
Whereas, the other companies have summer outings   ~ we enjoy trips abroad with our office mates.

Thailand 2009

I pigged out on Tom Yum Soup and  didn't realize I was pregnant, until after the trip. 
My male office mates in one of the many temples in Bangkok.

Hongkong 2010

We spent one day in Ocean Park and another day in Disneyland.

We never fail to visit the local Nu Skin Office in any country we go.

South Korea 2011

Marketing Manager Rose Castillon, Sales &  Marketing Manager Arlene Asidao, Myself (Head, Account Management) HR Manager Carol Tionloc, and Nu Skin Philippines  General Manager Pete De la Cruz

Geongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea

There is some wisdom in the saying,  "Love your job & you don't have to work a day in your life."    But first, your job or your business, must be loveable, right?!

So, if you got that call from a representative of Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, inviting you to check out their business ... I encourage you to do so!  Who knows?  15th Floor Octagon Building, might just be your doorway to the world!

6months pregnant and scaling the Great Wall.