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Nurturing a Child's Heart @ 15th Flr. Octagon Building

"Running a household with kids is like running a kindergarten, except there is no dismissal time."

Admit it. No matter how we love our kids, we sometimes wish our kids can be shipped-off to Timbuktu if only to have a short time-off for awhile.  It's hard to raise children! They look so cute and cuddly in the photographs.  But be with them 24/7, especially for homemakers without helpers ~ you will be ready to say, Augh!  Why did I ever agree to go forth and multiply!

If you think I'm so bad that I'm saying this.  I challenge you to trade places with a homemaker.  

But then again, Which is worse, running kindergarten or a pediatric ward?

I'm pertaining to households whose children are sick with debilitating diseases :(  

Have you been to the pediatric ward of PGH?  It's one of the saddest places on earth that I've ever been to. :( :( Seeing the sick kids and their parents who are at their wits' ends how to alleviate the kids' condition.... will literally bring tears to your eyes.  

One of the most common "in-born" illnesses in children is Congenital Heart Disease.  Children born with this ailment have abnormal heart structures. The blood cannot circulate well, as a result, they lack proper oxygen to do normal activities that children their age do ... skip, run, jump.  Normal actuation that we take for granted.

Moreover, children with this ailment have under-developed limbs and muscles, poor feeding or growth, and susceptible to respiratory infections.  It's so deadly,  some children don't get past the age of 2, if they are not treated.  :(

mothers and their children with heart diseases
They sometimes look normal, but underneath their heart is failing them.

I learned about this through Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, with office at 15th Floor Octagon building, Ortigas, Pasig City.   Nu Skin Philippines has a foundation called South East Asia Children's Heart Fund (SEA-CHF).  Nu Skin is one of the few companies which has partnered with the CHILD Foundation (Child Health in Life & Development) of Phil. General Hospital (PGH) to generate funds to help operate on these kids, before the ailment eventually takes their lives.

Do you know that in the Philippines, 8 in every 1000 new-borns are affected with congenital heart diseases?  What's worse, most of these children are born to poor families (poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy), who cannot afford the high cost of treatment....thereby having greater risk of dying.  The cost is like having a mini-Heart By-pass!  

Heart surgery for one child costs about 50,000 Php (500 USD); Thanks goodness for PGH doctors who waive all the fees for the conduct of an operation.  The 50,000 Php is just for the expensive materials used in the operation!

Nu Skin's SEA-CHF launches fund-raising  programs to help finance these heart surgeries.  The best thing about this is, everyone can be involved.

For instance,  A Life, A Day program.  A distributor can sponsor a child's heart operation.   But let's face it, 50,000 Php is such a huge amount, unless you are a top-tier earner in the company.

Ryan, a sickly boy when Nu Skin intervene to help in his heart operation. Now, he's an active 8yo. grade school student. Here he wrote a letter of thanks thru Ms. Arlene Asidao, Sr. Manager for Sales & Marketing

Nu Skin conceptualized a commission-deduction program.  Distributors can donate 1% of their monthly commissions to the foundation.  It's automated, system-processed monthly! Isn't it great?!  Regular donations coming-in! Mind you, high-tier level distributors regularly earn 6-figure commissions monthly, so 1% is not bad at all!  

Employees, on one hand, may also participate in salary deduction monthly or leave conversion.  This is the best!  Unused leaves which are usually convertible to cash ~ can be donated to the foundation!  Bonuses from unused leaves are windfalls we don't really expect.  So, how about making a difference in a child's life?

We have benefit-events, luncheons, fund-raising activities... all focused single-handedly to raise money for the operation of these kids.  We are sort of "pressed for time."  There is a long list in PGH of children that need to be operated on.  It is a common occurrence that children just die, while waiting for their turn at the operating table. :(( Sad!  

I recall one of our activities with the children.  They usually come to the office at 15th Floor Octagon Building.  Before school season starts, we give them school materials; and during Christmas, we have a Jollibee party with them.  Usually we see the same kids every meeting.  These are the kids on  the waitlist in PGH.  Sometimes, we ask the PGH staff, "Oh, where's so and so? He was here last Christmas"  And the usual reply breaks your heart..."Unfortunately,  he/she is gone...."

There are currently 83 kids on the waitlist of the PGH Pediatric Cardiology Department.  These children needs immediate operations on their little hearts.  They are literally waiting for a chance of a lifetime.  I hope they get their chance soon .... before it's too late.

You want to make a Difference?

In any amount you are willing, you may donate to the Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund, through Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, located at 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City; with telephone numbers +632-8NUSKIN or email You may also access their website thru

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  1. I salute the NU Skin for helping the needy kids. More power to the company.