Thursday, 9 February 2012

From 15th Flr. Octagon Bldg. Ortigas to the World

If you came across this blog, chances are, you are researching about this company at 15th Flr. Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.   Chances are,  someone invited you to look at a business opportunity. 
Well, congratulations! You stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime.  

Do you like travelling?
Do you like meeting a lot of new people?
Do you envision a luxurious life for you and your loved ones, and the time freedom to enjoy them?
Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines is open to all individuals who have the courage to go after their dreams.  I have been witness to how lives were transformed in this business.  It's a lot of hardwork, there's no denying that.  But the rewards are well-worth the effort.

I had the opportunity to travel with Nu Skin business leaders in the past few years.  It was overwhelming to be with people who are driven to succeed.  They work hard, and they play hard! 
Here are some scenes from our super fun trips around Asia.

Malaysia (2008)

Shanghai, China (2008)

Beijing, China (2009)

Blue Diamond Leaders Venus & Perci Lazo, Ojay & Yang Reantaso, Diamond Executive Jon Chua and Ruby Exec Carlo Capacillo.... to name a few..

Perci Lazo, Carlo Capacillo, Arlene Asidao (Sales & Marketing Manager), myself (Account Manager), Venus Lazo, KL Dacera - Agustin & Daniel Laogan, Jr.

There were about 30 or so of us.  Let me just mention a few:  Team Elite Paola Llorando,  Eric Tan, Diamond Executive Joanne Ong, Ruby Executives Maidee Tan, Mark and Maddie Chua

Brisbane, Australia 2011

Business Leaders, Pamela Joy Soriano, Grace Turiano, Carmelita Emphasis and General Manager of Nu Skin Philippines, Pete De La Cruz ~ at Movieworld, Brisbane, Australia

Colleagues from Nu Skin South East Asia

Dinner and cruise in one of the islands in Brisbane, Australia

Singapore 2010

As Nu Skin corporate support, we also get our own trips, as reward for all our hard work.
Whereas, the other companies have summer outings   ~ we enjoy trips abroad with our office mates.

Thailand 2009

I pigged out on Tom Yum Soup and  didn't realize I was pregnant, until after the trip. 
My male office mates in one of the many temples in Bangkok.

Hongkong 2010

We spent one day in Ocean Park and another day in Disneyland.

We never fail to visit the local Nu Skin Office in any country we go.

South Korea 2011

Marketing Manager Rose Castillon, Sales &  Marketing Manager Arlene Asidao, Myself (Head, Account Management) HR Manager Carol Tionloc, and Nu Skin Philippines  General Manager Pete De la Cruz

Geongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea

There is some wisdom in the saying,  "Love your job & you don't have to work a day in your life."    But first, your job or your business, must be loveable, right?!

So, if you got that call from a representative of Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, inviting you to check out their business ... I encourage you to do so!  Who knows?  15th Floor Octagon Building, might just be your doorway to the world!

6months pregnant and scaling the Great Wall.



  1. Wow. sarap naman sa NU Skin! you know sometimes i envy that kind of job...andaming napapasyalan =) i had some taste of movy life din naman when i work at Fil-Estate Realty, tiring lang pag me open houses and night parties =) Didn't last 3 months for i have to go abroad na. Professionally, i still prefer back home. But, sweldo-wise, dito na lang ako, euro!

    1. nuskin is now located in more than 50 countries, if u want to give ur self a chance, u can start now while u do ur work with euro earning, and if nuskin opportunity (plan B in euro as well) becomes bigger than ur euro sweldo, u might want to go full blast in nuskin, good luck! :D

  2. i did love my job, so much. but then again, when family calls... no amount of success at work, is worth, if one fails raising the family. :) so far, lahat ng job ok, no regrets. i gave it all. :) true, bottomline was work, sweldo hahahahah but then again the culture in nu skin is such, that it's fun working, so minsan, secondary na money dahil you enjoy being with great people...