Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cover up!

There's a lot of buzz these days on BB creams.  BB cream stands for Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm.   Considered as all-in-one facial cosmetic product.  It claims to replace moisturizer, sunblock, serum (since some even has anti-aging properties) and make-up primer.

BB creams are said to originate from Asia, mainly Korea and Japan.  Women, and even men from these countries are all for that "smooth" clean finish, even "doll-like" look is a million-dollar fad these days.

To be honest I haven't really started on that BB fad yet, because I'm really loyal on my current foundation from Nu Skin.  It's called Beneficial Tinted Moisturizer.  I've been using it for more than 10 years, long before all these BB creams made the headlines.

We are born with perfect complexion.  When I look at my daughter's beautiful flawless baby skin now.   I tell myself, "Wow, I am like this before!  What happened?"  Years, happened baby!  Endless rounds of late nights, bad diet, pock marks from pimples and chicken pox.  Lately, those disregard for sunblock are showing up as dark spots and discolorations. 

I am crazy about Nu Skin's tinted moisturizer, because my the name itself, it's not just a foundation, but a moisturizer, as well.  I can skip my morning moisturizer and sunblock and use this, instead.  It covers up all my skin imperfections, yet it feels light and non-greasy.   I like that it's also infused with Vit. A & E and SPF 15, protects and prevents more damages in the future.

I've always been partial to that fresh, barely-there "no make up look" and in protecting my skin.  Almost 40, 'dahling. We can never have enough protection!  That's why, this product is really perfect for me.   I usually dust it off with finishing powder and voila, Flawless lola!

Nu Skin's Beneficial tinted moisturizer come in  4 different shades ~ Sand, Honey, Fair and Beige.  I have Pinoy brown complexion, so I usually use either Honey or Beige.   I don't want to look Kabuki Doll and I make sure to apply until the neck for that consistent hue all throughout.

A bottle of Nu Skin Tinted Moisturizers costs 1,815 pesos.   You can order Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines with telephone numbers 632-8-NUSKIN (868-7546). You may drop by their office at  15th floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines.  

Look me in tinted moisturizer --   after a full-day going around, 6pm still flawless :))




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