Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Know the Latest Buzz on Weight Management ?

Have you heard about this new weight management program that is buzzing in the Philippines? I call it buzzing because it's hushed-hushed among the beauty, business and corporate communities. It's does not have a noisy "lose weight, ask me how!" campaign that arrest you each time you pee in the public toilets. It is neither the road hazard celebrity endorsements along EDSA. 

It is subdued and reasonable, albeit a bit pricey, weight loss program that simply deliver what it promises.  Just so we are on the same plane, weight management is not just about losing weight fats and getting sexy. That's the usual misconception. 

I have friends who complain that they only have to smell food and they get fat.  In the same vein, some friends complain that they consume bowl fulls of rice like construction workers, yet they are still reed-thin. 
We all have different concepts of our body image.  Some would bemoan of being fat, yet when we look at them. What's the fuss?!  The middle ground (not fat, not thin) is so hard to attain!

I think, the best is to consult someone who is objective and can tell (by scientific method) whether you are healthy or not... Don't you think being healthy is a better goal than getting voluouptous or thin?  Bottom line, health is the most important than anything else.

Going back to this new weight loss program, it is called The Right Approach (TRA) and  the company that offers it is Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines. 

The worth-noting aspect about this program, it is not just pill-taking!  It's a synergistic and wholistic approach that has components of an exercise regimen, healthy diet monitoring and other concerns that are unique to your person (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. etc.) and they also address the after-effects of weight loss e.g. sagging skin, cellulite.

Moreover, they have trained their distributors to be Health Consultants who will hold your hand every step of the program.  They will not leave you on your own after you get into to the program.  They will help you monitor your progress every step of the way.  And believe me, there's nothing like having someone looking over your shoulder to encourage you to continue.  Don't Hollywood artists hire these expensive personal trainers to literally get them off their butts and work-out?  :)

Let me just give you a short description of the products involve in the program.

. TRA Complex™ - Controls carbohydrate cravings.

TRA Complex

2. DuoLean™ - Fats & Carbohydrate Blocker


3. Diene-O-Lean - Burns body fats, increases muscle mass & shapes your body

4. TrimShake™ - Delicious & Nutritious Meal Replacement (Available in both Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor)

5. LifePak® - Increase metabolism and delivers significant amount of vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

5. Dermatic Effects® - Body Contouring Lotion, inhibits the appearance of cellulites

Dermatic Effects
With regards to diet and right nutrition.  A TRA consultant will guide you using the  3-3-3-3 Diet Principle:  take 3 servings of Carbohydrates, 3 servings of Protein, 3 servings of Vegetables and 3 servings of Fruits. They can show you the best combinations for using Pinoy foods.  No need for those expensive meals concoctions/

The best thing about this program, you are not allowed to go hungry!  As a matter of fact, their principle of proper diet can promote fat burning and fat storage in your body!  Ain't that a happy weigh loss program :))  No more feelings of deprivation!  I've tried all shorts of diets, and each time I feel deprived, I try to make myself feel better by cheating, and eating more!  This one won't allow you that mood.

If you want to know about this latest buzz but are too shy to ask your friends.  Just call Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines
with telephone numbers 632-8-NUSKIN (868-7546). You may drop by their office at  15th floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines.  They can refer you to a discrete Health Consultant who can expound to you this latest buzz.



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  2. Many a times the doctor refers the patient to a professional diet expert. It is mandatory for the patient to communicate all his problems without hesitating, to the doctor or the weight management trainer.