Thursday, 26 April 2012

Venus & Percy ~ Wisdom from Success

Venus and Percy Lazo, one of the top-earning distributors of Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines, with offices at 15F Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue,  Pasig City ~ share their thoughts on some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by new distributors and those who are interested in a career in networking.

1. What is the most challenging aspect in the Nu Skin business?

The most challenging is our attitude. Because of our situation (great amount of passive income), we tend to procrastinate. We still have a lot of things to do.   We need to continuously build the business, talking to new prospects, have daily presentations. We tend to relax and we feel like we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our hardwork. But we clearly know that we still have a lot more to achieve especially that as a leader, we know that we have to set the pace of our team. We need to pave the path so they would know where to go as well.

2. What are the instances that you almost give up?

We never had an instance that we wanted to give up.  We are the type of persons that once we start on something, we never quit. We had very clear goals, we are certain and we have strong belief that we really deserve to enjoy the best life possible. We never doubted ourselves and our goals. When we saw Nu Skin as a vehicle, we knew that we  are on our way to becoming successful, we just had to work for it.

3. How do you motivate yourself?

As we become more and more successful in Nu Skin, we realized that our success is not about how much money we make but how many lives we've touched along the way.  When we reached the 20Million Peso mark, we did inventory of our accomplishments and we realized that its not just the huge house, the cars, the travels, the good education of our kids, the churches we've served but more importantly, we had more than 20 people in our team who became millionaires as well.

We were so amazed and touched in the equation that in order for us to get the things that we wanted, we have to help enough number of people get what they wanted as well. As we are qualifying for the next level, that is,  a Million Dollar Circle member,  we now know the formula.

We just need to look for more people to help. We still have a lot of slots to fill in. We are excited to wake up every morning to ask guidance from the Lord to lead us to the right people whom we could help and develop in this business. We are motivated to talk to  new friends and prospective partners because in our hearts we knew our best intention is to help them have a great life, too.

4.  What is the secret to getting new clients? Sponsoring new people?

In our ten years of experience in this business, we could say that there is no secret in sponsoring new people. The only key is to have that attitude of doing things consistently.  In the beginning, we  just played  with numbers. We do not know what we are doing, but we knew that it is necessary. We just kept inviting and when 1 out of 10 agreed that the business is doable, then we had a ratio of 1:10.. We practiced over and over again until our ratio becomes better.

5. How do you break the ice when talking to new people?  When doing "bumps?"


There is no Step 1-10 in prospecting.  We always say something nice, at any possible circumstance to initially build rapport to the new prospect. But before anything else, prospecting is not about doing it just because you upline/mentor asked you to do.  It is a habit that we need to develop because whether you are doing network marketing business or not we need to add our network.

Just the saying goes, the amount of your net worth is based on the quality of your network!  But how come, we could attract good prospect in our business if we are not of good quality leader, as well?  John Maxwell said, "You attract who you are, not who you want."

So, when we when we go out for prospecting, we want to ask ourselves in the mirror,  am I a good prospect?  There is no perfect script that could fit you, because its not about what you say but how you say it.. The confidence and the quality of voice that you'll have when talking to strangers.   More importantly, we have to do it consistently and persistently.

6. Do you still have people in your "chicken list" ? Who?

We cannot consider them as chicken list.   Our confidence streams from that fact that, we have the best vehicle, best opportunity, best company & best compensation plan.  If they could see our vision they will definitely benefit from it. It is all about the mindset. Because we knew from the fact that as long as they are not yet doing Nu Skin as a business, they are not yet on their right path to achieve total freedom.

7. What is the most valuable gift that this business has given you?

First, the courage to dream big dreams and we never gave up.  Second, is the courage to decide to do Nu Skin on the day that we've seen the opportunity. Third, the lifestyle we are enjoying  now. But top it all, we are very much thankful for the  choices, that we could have.

As everybody says, MONEY cannot buy everything  but  having more money is having more Choices. The freedom to choose things you wanted to do at anytime you want it.

In our case, our marital relationship became stronger.   We do the business together and we understood each other better because we are in the same wavelength.    We empower a lot of  people around the globe as they get inspired by our humble story.

We became an inspiration to our whole clan, that they also had hope that it can be done or they could also succeed. And most especially, we could leave a legacy to our kids. Something  they could benefit until the next generation.

To summarize the greatest value we achieved in this business is SIGNIFICANCE...Life has no meaning unless we choose to give it significance.

8. You are a leader, managing leaders. How do you handle your organization?

As a leader, we just have to become a good example to our people. We have to set the pace and as a leader, these is our core values we are great influencer to our team :

Integrity with people
Nurtures other people
Faith in people
Listens to people
Understands people
Enlarges people
Navigates people
Connects with people
Empowers people
Reproduces other influencer

Obviously,  the common denominator is PEOPLE...because truly this is a people's business. If you learn to love, respect and empower others, then the business will just naturally happen.

9. What are your future goals in the business and why?

Our core objective is to develop and equip leaders who will, in turn,  develop and equip other leaders, who will share  the great Nu Skin opportunity and products to make a difference in the world.

Our next goal, is to help more people in our business to become successful.  We want more partners to become millionaires. We aim to do more charitable work, to support more for the Force for Good and Nourish the Children projects...

10. What are the regrets that you have, and how do you live with it?

No regrets because we knew that we are responsible for all the decisions that we had made years ago and we are grateful for those. We had challenges along the way but knew that it is just part of the great journey.

11. Message for the new distributors?

You have found the greatest gift from our dear God. If you have been constantly praying for an opportunity, this is God's answer to you.  The fact that u've seen this business, it means that you have already been blessed. The trend is inevitable, the market is huge and you are riding on the best vehicle to achieve the life that you deserve.

We would like to say that you Go for it! Give your best shot! Because whether you like it or not the company will continue to grow with or without you. Everything is perfect, the only one missing is You!! You cannot control the traffic situation, you can't control the economy, you can't control the political system but you have the full control of your future.  I believe that you and your family deserve to enjoy the best life posssible and you must have to decide to make it happen.


Should you wish to be a part of the Nu Skin opportunity. Nu Skin has office at the 15th floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, with telephone numbers 632-8-NUSKIN.


  1. You have a wonderful testimony which is very inspiring to new builders in the business. I believe that the only person you ever recruit is YOU!
    The rest is just easy once you have recruited you!
    Congratulations to you for being true to your word and being an angel to all who wants it!

  2. Very inspiring!

  3. Very motivating and captivating chalkenge!!