Thursday, 26 April 2012

One Decision that made the Difference

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost 

For a couple who grew up, met and married in the province of Quezon,  Percy and Venus Lazo's world revolve around farms, small towns, municipalities and occasional visit to the city. 

Percy’s family was into farming.  He grew up in the farm, and literally was tilling the soil, planting trees, root crops, raising animals. Until one tiring day,  he realized that he doesn’t want to become farmer for life.  He dreamt of a good future.   Percy's parents cannot afford to enroll him in a Bachelor’s degree, so he only took a vocational course (Radio Communications).   

Unfortunately, he gained a useless education after college when he realized that the technologies he learned were starting to become obsolete with the advent of more advanced means of communication.  With a limited access to a good corporate career, he found job in a Non-government Organization (NGO) dealing on micro finance. This exposure enabled him to have short term plan of  putting up his own micro-lending company.  
Venus, likewise, grew up in a less privileged family.  Growing up, she never experienced  a normal childhood.  When she was 8, she was already working for a small eatery, which was the family's business.  She remember only having new clothes on Christmas Day.  She never had a toy that was not a hand-me-down. Not a single Barbie doll.

All those hardships and challenges made her nurture bigger dreams and she was committed to do what it takes to become successful. Although her father dabbled in local politics, and she was being groomed to follow in her father's footsteps,  she realized that she cannot achieve the kind of freedom and peace of mind if she pursued politics. She decided to find her luck in Manila.  While in college, she worked part time in different fast food chains to support her education and needs.

When she earned her B.S Electronics and Communications Engineering degree, she got a job in the Semiconductor Industry.  Early on in her career, she realized that working is such a limiting way to achieve their dreams. The goals she set, would require her a six figure income.  When she checked the industry, she found out that it takes  an average 20yrs for a good engineer to reach  top level position and have a 6figure income to enjoy a good life.

As a young couple,  they were open for opportunities to augment the income.  They have big dreams.

Perci, who came from a family of farmers, was determined not to follow the same path.  "I wanted a different life for my family." 

Besides, they have many other relatives they need to help, as well.
 Venus, had just given birth, when she volunteered  to see the business opportunity with a friend. It was just a very casual presentation at a fastfood restaurant, figures and facts written at a tissue paper but she realized that she wanted to give it a try. The information presented was too good to be true but she asked herself,  "What if it is true? Their goals are non-negotiable, they have a deadline and if not Nu Skin, what other opportunity are there to help them achieve their dreams?"

"Upon seeing the potential of the business, I knew I had to be a part of this," recalls Venus.  The next time she met with her friend and she brought along Percy.  Her enthusiasm further intensified when Percy also gave his moral support.  "Both of us saw the vision that Nu Skin can bring to our lives. This is the opportunity that we have been waiting for!"  The most memorable moment is when they had to loan money to buy the initial product package.  They literally had to scrape their savings and knock on friends' doors to enable them to start big.  
"We were very religious in attending all the trainings, we wanted to become Executives right away!  We filed our Letter of  Intent, even without single downline!"  They were so into it, that Percy decided to resign from his job to concentrate on the business.  For someone like Percy, who could not speak straight English and didn’t know anyone in Manila; no Money and no resources. He was more at home in  the farm, making small talks with local farmers but joining an international business and talking to different people, is like a fish taken out of the water.   "I had to learn a lot of things, I made a lot of mistakes, embarrassed myself not a few times, but I always tell myself, this is temporary.  My dreams are bigger than my ego."

 “We made a choice to Be, Do, and Have something different." 

The couple realized that their dreams are not ordinary dreams, therefore, it called for extraordinary efforts.  They were prepared for hardwork.  "We’ve faced a lot of challenges, but we always thought that every ‘No’ will take us closer to a 'Yes'."  We tried and did our best to produce results to show people that this business is possible as long as we are committed to do whatever it takes.”

In less than 6 & a half years in the business, Venus and Percy achieved the title of a Blue Diamond.

*They are also recognized as Nu Skin Philippines'  local Million Circle Members (20Million Mark in total commissions).  They have also been recognized by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines as Entrepreneur of the Year (2009)

From the boondocks of Quezon to the halls of Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines at 15th Floor Octagon Building in Ortigas, Pasig, Venus and Percy have come a long way.  

They now have the world for their playground...

They qualified twice and enjoyed a glamorous all-expense paid Blue Diamond trip to the United States (LA, Las Vegas and Utah). Year 2009 and 2011.  

They travelled, with their team to Singapore and Malaysia 2007,  Shanghai in 2008, US and Beijing in 2009 and Sydney, Australia 2010 and US again in 2011.  All for Free.

But more than anything else, the can provide the best for their families.

The couple’s priority was sending their siblings to college.  They were able to do that.  Lowell Cleope – (Venus' brother) BS Customs Administration graduate.  Lowell is now a Lapis executive in Nu Skin and will be part of the local millionaire's circle in the next few months.  Venus's niece, Gretchen Las Pinas, a BS HRM graduate, is now a branch manager of Wendy’s Foods Corporation and helps send other sibling  to school.  Reygan Lazo – (Percy’s Nephew) BS Elementary  Education. Now a Teacher-in-Charge in one of the schools in the province and helping his family.  Rogelyn Lazo ( Percy’s Niece) BS HRM – Now 4th year in college.  "Success is only meaningful when you are able to affect a better change in someone's life."  These are their laurels.

Percy, who grew up in a farmland while Venus’ house was (butas ang bubong at tumutulo pagumuulan) and they both wanted a big home for their children.  They are now proud owners of a beautiful home in Portofino, Alabang.  Along with their children getting excellent education from the best schools.

The couple now pays it forward by helping people discover the Nu Skin business. “We are happy to assist people in discovering their dreams and in making choices that can lead them to the life they desire,” Venus says. “We show people that they are in the number one industry, company, and team, with number one products. Nu Skin is their vehicle in achieving their dreams and that the world’s natural abundance will make it all possible. We often tell them that when people and purpose come together, there’s abundance.”

Truly, this opportunity demonstrated the difference. " When we were still struggling with our finances we always prayed for blessings to pay our bills. But when everything has been provided for us, we always pray that the Lord God lead us to people who would need an opportunity;  that may our story brings an inspiration to a lot of people that even if they are just ordinary if they want an extraordinary life and they are willing to fight for their rights to freedom, then it is achievable. They just have to have CLEAR GOALS, BELIEF that they deserve that great life and willingness to take ACTION and do what it takes to make it happen."

To them, "The most valuable things that we’ve achieved in this business is not just the money and the lifestyle that we have. Most importantly, being SIGNIFICANT to those people who believed in us. Zig Ziglar is really brilliant saying that “ In order for you to get what you want, you must help enough people get what they want”.  As we received our 20 Million mark, we counted the number of Millionaires in our team and it was goose bumps when we found out that there’s already more than 20 millionaires and counting. Imagine how many families we will touched as we continue our journey towards the Million Dollar mark."

Certainly, there is so much to learn from this outstanding couple.  Their tenacity, perseverance and humility is exemplary.  Should you wish to know more about their discipline and work ethics. CLICK HERE.  

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or go to


  1. Truely Inspiring. Percy and Venus realy proves that one can control your life, your destiny and dreams. An there is nothing more singnificant in giving your life to inspire and help other poeple live thier lives to the fullest. We are truely greatfull to be mentored by a Farmer. Nick Cosico

  2. Job well done!!! You are truly an inspiration to us that when you dream, always remember that it is non negotiable and do whatever it takes to reach for it. You inspired us in every way that all things will be possible if you truly believe and fight for it. Thank you so much for the inspiration and to make a difference in our lives for all the support!!! Ching Minor

  3. I love you percy and venus! Thank you so much for being an inspiration to us,to give your heart to help us in many ways! Thank you for your support! You're the best! May God bless you and your family!-Thelma Laydia

  4. I'm blessed to have known you.

  5. Very inspiring story. :)

  6. Eventhough I heard the story for quite some time, still it keeps on inspiring me over & over again. Life won't change anything if you do nothing....dreams will remain illussions if we don't know the value of our loveones in our life. I was once, twice, thrice & many times been disappointed in life....but like the couple in the story....I need to be strong & certain towards my goal...whatever it takes. Kuya percy & ate venus, you are truly an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

  7. Eventhough I heard the story for quite some time, still it keeps on inspiring me over & over again. Life won't change anything if you do nothing....dreams will remain illussions if we don't know the value of our loveones in our life. I was once, twice, thrice & many times been disappointed in life....but like the couple in the story....I need to be strong & certain towards my goal...whatever it takes. Kuya percy & ate venus, you are truly an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. ruby

  8. Wow, what an inspiration.. It just goes to show that YOU are in CHARGE of your destination in life and it doesn't' matter what your circumstances are. Hopefully, I will be able to inspire others in the same way.. Awesome, awesome awesome!!!