Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Whiten or Brighten? There's a difference!

Philippines recently elected 12 new senators, and one of the interesting new senators is the infamous Nancy Binay.  She's the current daughter of the Vice-President Jejomar Binay.  So much has been said regarding her not so sterling qualification.  Being a former Chief of Staff of her Dad, she has no other qualification, aside from her father's surname.

But I think the worst label that has been thrown on her is regarding the nature of her skin.  Filipinos always have this mentality of looking up at fair-skinned as beautiful.  This despite that we have beauty queens who are on the "dark side" like Venus Raj.  Common Pinoy still think that White means beautiful. Afterall, why do Whitening, Lightening creams sell so much?!

So, even if I did not vote for Nancy Binay.  I feel for her.   It is extremely hurtful to be judged of one's skin color.  But that's Philippine politics for you!  No holds barred. They will throw-in everything to taint the opponents and beat them whether in the publicity and polls.

Speaking of Filipinos and our desire for a whiter and fairer complexion.  I don't think it's a sin to prefer a clearer skin, as long as we don't judge others for being otherwise!  

I was just in the Philippines two weeks ago and I was amazed at the numerous new products on whitening!  Before it was just Likas Papaya, and Block and White that were dominating the shelves and airwaves.  Now, there's Silka, (even an orange and green papaya!), Kojie, even Belo joined in with their mass-appeal Belo Essentials Whitening Line! All of them comes in soaps and lotions!

Going to my neighborhood dermatologist clinic, I saw they also offer Gluthathione injections!  Wow. More intensive! I wonder if those direct infusions to the veins, with the goal of suppressing melanine production would eventually give you a different "race" altogether :)  Let's face it,  our skin color comes with our race!  

But then again,  skin lightening need that be that extreme.  A lot of women I know, even men, use these lightening creams, soaps just to get a more even skin tone.  Regular sun exposure due to our weather, has given their skin dull, and lifeless appearance.  They just wanted to even it out.  They don't aspire a Kabuki, Chinese or even a Caucasian.  They know they are Morena, but they want a more bright, alive and glowing skin.

For folks who are after this "brightening" rather than "whitening" effect on their skin, I think, the most interesting product line to try is the  Nu Skin Tri-Phasic White System.  It's clinically-proven to achieve even-toned and glowing skin.  Just one of the many innovative products of Nu Skin Enterprises.

There are 5 steps to this regimen. 

The Tri-phasic White Cleanser -
  • Diminishes the appearance of skin discoloration.
  • Cleanses and brightens skin for a fresh, radiant appearance.
  • Pearlescent, moisturizing cleanser leaves skin silky-soft while improving skin tone and texture.
The Tri-Phasic White Toner -
  • Soothes skin to reduce potential discoloration resulting from irritation.
  • Visibly reduces discoloration on the surface of the skin by gently exfoliating skin cells to remove the appearance of accumulated dark spots and discoloration.
The Tri-Phasic White Day Milk Lotion-
  • Helps promote bright complexion
  • UVA and UVB sunscreens (SPF 15) help prevent ultraviolet rays, the most common cause of uneven skin tone.
The Tri-Phasic Night Cream-
  • Features diacetyl boldine to calm and soothe skin.
The Tri-Phasic White Essence-

Inhibits the synthesis of discoloration in the following three ways: 
  • Contains antioxidants to help calm free radicals.
  • Reduces the appearance of discoloration.
  • Promotes a brighter, more brilliant complexion.

The best thing about this product line, it doesn't claim to give you a white Caucasian or Oriental skin as most skin whitening systems do.  This is for people who are proud of their skin color but wants a more polished, illuminating and glowing skin!

If I will suggest the best skin care regimen for Nancy Binay,  it will be Nu Skin's Tri-phasic White System.  There's nothing wrong with her skin color, but her complexion could use more life!

If you are interested to get this amazing Tri-Phasic White you call the company directly at  689-NUSKIN or drop by their offices at 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City.

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