Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Best Fashion Advice, I take to Heart.

Less is More.

Applies to almost everything. From make-up, clothes and accessories... As soon as I chose my outfit for the day, I ask myself.   What is the "ONE" thing that's going to be the central focus of the eyes?  

Wearing printed clothes -- that means, it's the prints that's the focus

All the other things (necklace, earings, bracelets, bags) must be subdued ; (plain beads, stud earings, thin bracelets, pearls)...  nothing else that will distract people from the nice print you are wearing.... except perhaps Red Lips (but shadows, blush-on are also pale); no bright colored nails as well.

Wearing plain colored clothes - might call for accents; accessories

I am very fond of fun, quirky necklaces that I use for to perk up a plain outfit.  Either the color is the same family of the dress, or completely contrasting.  Works out as well.   Note on buying acessories. Be wary of cheap-looking ones.  Buy cheap, but with Oomph. 

Sets of Earings, Necklaces & Bracelets-   Unless you're the Queen of England, and they are real jewels.  Never wear them in one go!  Take a hold of yourself, dear.   Isa-isa lang! :)

If you're wearing dangling earings, leave your shoulders bare.  So people's eyes can focus on those fabulous earings!  Your admirers have only two eyes each,   give them a breather!  It goes the other way around (outlandish necklace, stud earings, plain dress.)

Clothers with Imbedded Accents - some clothes are already embellished.  Let them be. Refrain from adding acessories  that will further complicate things.   Less is More! 

Make-up- I wish I am an expert on make-up but I am not. I just follow good taste.  I  follow the same rule, Less is more.   Especially for everyday wear, no need to pile on the eyeshadows.  Again, what is the main focus?  Is it the gorgeous new lipstick or the smokey eyes?   

Store up on Classics.

Need I say more?  Black, dark blue jeans, plain white/black shirts, little black dresses, black skirts. White Polo shirt. These are the ones that you can wear everyday, without people noticing you're wearing the same thing over and over again.  Put on a different accessories, layer and you look different altogether.

Same things with bags.  Go for Classics. We cannot buy all the nice latest IT bag.  It's so hard to keep up!  Invest in ONE great piece, instead of buying many but cheap ones.  (Got this from Nina Garcia).

Easy on the Trend.

Colored denims, Harem Pants are fun and quirky but how long will the trend last?  If you buy them, cheaply, go ahead.  Otherwise,  save your money for something else more lasting, and could go a long, long way..

Don't be afraid to try something, you don't normally do.

If you're the t-shirt and jeans type of person, wouldn't it be fun, showing up one day in a nice dress or skirt?  If you normally shy away from make-up,  how about trying on the new BB cream fad?  You will never know, you might like it!

Dress for yourself, second for others.

I read somewhere that, Women dress for each other.  Otherwise, if we dress for Men, we can just go around naked. :)   But no matter what, you must do it to have a little fun.  Gain confidence and put the twinkle in your eye.  :)

Style is Effortless.

Above everything is, it should all look Effortless.   Nag effort, before di mukhang nag-effort! :)

That's about it.... Gosh, I feel like this is written by a Gay person :)   Tim Gunn!


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