Friday, 23 March 2012

Million Dollars from Networking? Why not?

Becoming millionaires from a networking company in the Philippines is not new.   We’ve heard quite a number of successful ones.  However, when the achievement reaches millions in foreign currency like US Dollars, then,  it’s really worth a second look.  Wow!   Give or take 45 Million Pesos just from networking alone?  It’s definitely not your mother’s part-time direct -selling business.  This is something big!

Tomorrow,  Nu Skin Enterprises Philippines with offices at 15th Floor Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue will mark another milestone.  Two of their distributors will be recognized as members of the company’s exclusive Million Dollar Circle.  Other members are mostly Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans and a handful of Europeans.  Filipinos Pax and Gina Paculaba will be joining those ranks.

I’ve known Pax and Gina for a few years working for Nu Skin Philippines.  Quite an unassuming couple with a very simple lifestyle,  at first glance, you never think they are in the caliber of million dollar earners.

Pax used to work as high-flying Area Manager for Pepsi Cola.   He was enjoying the perks of a 22-year old sales professional ~ admiration from peers, 6-figure income, house/lot, car and generous stock option.  He was already  eyeing a higher position, preferably company Vice-President, in whichever company he can move to.    

What he didn’t realize that his career progression, would cost unto his personal life.  The more he went  up the ladder, the more he had has to work harder, spend time at the office to keep his position.  His health deteriorated, and he was spending less and less time with his family.
Gina was a promising junior architect when she married Pax.  She knew that she was sharing Pax with someone else,  “he was practically married to his job.”  It almost went spiraling down until an unfortunate incident happened but eventually became a blessing in disguise.  “Pax had a nervous breakdown which woke him up to the real essence of life.”

When they were introduced to the Nu Skin opportunity,  it was the perfect timing.   They were in-need of an alternative vehicle to success.   “We wanted more from life! It’s not just having the money to carry-on the lifestyle we want for ourselves, but most especially, the time freedom to enjoy them.”

Well, the rest they say is history.   “You have to know what you want, believe that you deserve it and work hard to get it,” Gina says. “I realized that we also have to discover what drives us and use it to move forward because very often, the path towards achieving dreams is littered with obstacles that very often stop most people in their tracks.”

“Our passion for having a family and being able to spend an infinite amount of time with our kids is important to us,” Gina says. “Together, we want to design the ideal family environment where both of us are present in raising our children and, most of all, have ample quality time for our marriage. Our core desires are clear to both of us, which is why we are successful today.”

Nu Skin will celebrate Pax and Gina’s success tomorrow, 24th of March 2012 at the Reception Hall of PICC.   Aside from Pax and Gina,  they will also award the top business leaders in the Philippines.

Two powerful speakers will be at the event to share their success stories, as well.

Traci Schumacher, a 10-Million Dollar Circle Member from the US, whose expertise is weight management and has been a coach to celebrities like Faye Dunaway, Timothy Hutton and Lara Flynn Boyle.

Michiko Graf, a 20-Million Dollar Circle Member from Japan.  Michiko used to be a housewife whose  passion includes tennis, boating and water sports.  She even dabbles in singing, was even a vocalist of a local band.  But, she wanted more from her life, and wanted to get involved in any kind of business.  When she was introduced to Nu Skin, her drive translated to developing a business so huge, she was even one of those who really opened Japan to network marketing.

I’m so excited for my friends in Nu Skin Philippines for this  current success.  We often say, we are only successful as a company, if our distributors become successful in their business!!

Wish I am there with you guys,  Go double, double!  Run, Philippines, Run!

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or go to

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