Friday, 14 October 2011

My Ways & Means of De-Bloating

Let's review ... Three kids under my belt, a waistline of 26," tipping the scale at 42KGS, 3years shy of 40. My friends always assume, I'm an expert in losing weight and keeping it off. They often ask me, " Paano mo ginagawa?" (How do you do it?) "What's the secret?" Give us tips!"

Let's make things clear. I'M NOT THIN. I'm just not Fat. My perspective with regards to my body is Tamang-Tama lang. Average. Just right.  But, how do you know what is JUST RIGHT?!   (Answer: When I can fit into my sexy black Skinny Jeans and there are no bulges in the Baby -Tee that I want to wear).

Ok. Punishing. If you want to approach it scientifically. Let's use numbers.  

1.  I Set my Ideal Weight GOAL.  

What is My Ideal Weight based on my Height? (CLICK THIS)

Treat that Ideal Weight as your Age.  You don't forget it. Even if you pretend to be 20s, deep down you know you're 37, and you are a responsible individual.  It is your GOAL.  Everything you do, must move you toward that goal. If you notice, you're doing something contrary, STOP!  Put that chip down. It doesn't move you toward that GOAL.

2.  I Quit Stuffing Myself.

You came across those Make-It-Yourself Teddy Bears in the Malls?  One chooses an empty, limp teddy bear, and you get to stuff them yourself using a machine.  The cost will depend on how stuffed you want the bear (of course, we want fluffy and cuddly).

Imagine yourself, THAT Teddy Bear, and every time, you put something in your mouth, you are literally, stuffing yourself to the kind of body you want

This is cruel, I know.  But I need to be, because most of the time, eating is an outlet for emotions.  (Cravings, depressions, moods, happiness) So, we need to fight it with a Mindset. This is the mindset that works for me.

3.  I Move My Butt-Off

...and i don't mean just taking the stairs instead of the elevators. I will not make any bones about this, I work hard.  I force myself to fight excuses.. because I am busy, I am tired, too much demand at work, no time.  IF YOUR GOAL, IS IMPORTANT, YOU WILL FIND TIME. 

If you hear yourself,  making excuses now. STOP READING THIS.   It's not gonna work, if you start being defensive.

Choose the kind of Exercise or Work-out you enjoy. So, you will look forward not dread it. Pick-out nice sexy outfit, even if it's just at home and plopping the VCR.   If you are like me whose Work-out interests change like the Fashion Week's Spring, Summer & Winter Collection.  It's ok.  You are not aiming for a Yogi status or Top 10 Seed.  You just want an outlet to sweat, really sweat. 

Set aside 1 hour, every 3 days for a serious work-out. (1hour  =  30mins for the workout.  30 minutes making yourself pretty, before and after work-out) The making yourself pretty is important! Trust me. 

Another tip!  YOU MUST HAVE A CONSISTENT 21 DAYS (na walang palya) So you will make it a habit.  Use a calendar. Put a RED star for a successful day.  If you are able to do the 21 days,  your body will crave it.  You won't need to convince it too hard.  The 21 days are super hard though! 

These are just few of my ever- changing interests. I get bored easily. Now, I'm into running...because everyone else is doing it.  Street Jazz, I also want to try, but it's so expensive here.  :P

4. You have no business Eating Rice after 6pm, if you are not doing Manual Labor.

... that includes Pasta! "But Dew! I will get hungry. I can't. Manghihina ako."  (I will get weak.)  I'm not saying you will starve yourself after 6pm.  I just said, No Carbo.  After 6pm, you will probably just plop in front of TV or Facebook, & all the rice/pasta will go directly into your midsection and thighs. 

If you want to get that "full feeling" (busog ako! Thank you Lord!).  Eat all the ulam (viand) you want then drink tons of water.  As for me, I normally toss vegetable salad, that I substitute for Rice and eat with regular ulam.  If it gets boring, I just change the dressing (thousand island, caesars, italian etc) ; or I top with bacon bits and parmesan.  Other days, Fruits as toppings.  Masarap sya!  I  don't do it daily, maybe 3 times a week. Just to get rid of that bloated feeling.  

Trust me, paggising mo (as soon as you wake up), Deflate yang tummy mo!

5.  The Power of Grapefruit Juice

This one is really my number 1 favorite weight-loss or de-bloating tool.  This is the secret of the artistas :) (naks!)   Drink 1 cup of grapefruit juice before sleeping. "Dew, Ang asim! Sinisikmura ako!"   Well, I didn't say that it's sweet.  In fact, it has a slightly-bitter sour taste.  Hindi ka sinisikmura. In the first place, our tummy is already acidic.  Grapefruit helps you better digest all the fatty food you took-in.  

If you don't believe me...Click this :

The cheapest in the market is Harvey's. 

6.  Minimize using Food as Reward for a Good Job done.

What if you're always good job? Then, you can always justify that candy bar, or that extra helping of rice.  Instead of Food -- how about getting yourself a new shade of lipstick, or a new set of sexy underwear, or a nice shirt, or a massage?  

Same goes with gimmicks.  They don't have to center on Food.  My friend Bambi, met an old friend for a spa!  It's the same cost as dining-out, but they didn't gain extra calories! Needless to say, my favorite is meeting friends for lots of walking, window shopping and conclude with coffee, and shared dinner.

7. Work Double Hard, if your Mom/ Dad are Heavy-Weights.

I'm not a good resource on genetics but there's a saying,  "If you want to see how you look like 20, 30 years from now, look at your mother/father."  I don't really subscribe to that because  our environment are different from theirs.  However, we cannot deny we do inherit looks, height, inclinations, etc. So, if our parents are on the heavy-side, we have the likelihood to be heavy, as well. But it doesn't mean we should resign ourselves to fate. Rather, it just means that we need to work extra harder to change our course.

8.  Never say I am ON-DIET, because you are anticipating to be OFF-DIET. 

There are so many diet fads (Atkin's, Southbeach, Cabbage soup, Acai berry etc. etc.). The problem with diets,  they're not sustainable.  If we get-ON them, we lose weight, but since we cannot maintain, we get-OFF diet, we are back to square one.)  

I rarely deprive myself of anything.  I am an advocate of Coke.  I drink beer.   I eat chocolates.  I have weakness for Hot Fudge and Cheese Cake. But -- I DON'T STUFF MYSELF.  I just eat in moderation. Just to feed my craving.  I normally Share with the kids. I don't finish off after the kids. :)   Big difference there!!

(i used to deprive myself.  Then, feel bad, and next day,  order a huge one,  only for  myself because i wanted to feel better -- cheeseburgers, starbucks, cheesecake.. whatever).

We don't need to go on DIETS....but rather, just Lifestyle Changes. Mindset Changes. 
This is what I want to happen with my Being.
In the same way, we took charge of our career, our kids... 
We can take ownership of our body, our cravings, our appetite, our habits.

Reader :  
Dew, I'm already on my Ideal Weight.  I don't want to lose anymore pounds!  I just want to look and feel SEXY!

Now, that's a totally Different Story... worth another Blog Entry!



  1. i love this!

    we got the same kids: 2 boys and 1 girl, only different of age ranges.

    i'm 40! wearing a 40 european size pants (29 in asian), and hitting the balance scale of 50kgs! (d*mn! i'm proud i'm doing something about it now). before i start to jog and prohibit too much rice, i am weighing 55!
    before my first pregnancy, my waist is 24. after my first son's birth, i dropped into 25 and weirdly as it is, i weigh 38 kgs. "para naman akong hindi pinapakain..." people can't help asking, "uy nagkasakit ka ba?"..."payat mo naman..." i never consider them as compliment, because, whether i admit it or not, hindi bagay sa akin ang super slim. i got a chubby face kasi.
    so anyway, after 2nd son's birth, i got a waist of 28, average weight of 45kg. i don't have any control or diet. sarap kumain kasi.
    and when i had Zendra, naging 31 na ang size ko, 55 kgs. so parang, wait! i need to do something about it. i'm puffing up and not getting any younger.

    so i set up my goal: less rice and jog. i will die of not having rice during breakfast, lunch & dinner. but, i have been not eating rice for a month (breakfast & dinner) and i'm more alive than ever. kaya pala, basta me self-discipline. i only eat rice around 3pm so i won't collapse during my work at night.
    breakfast: polpelmo juice and some toasted biscuits, or only 1 banana
    lunch: 2 cups of rice and viand
    dinner: 1 bread and some viand (papak na lang)

  2. correction above *pompelmo juice

    (not finished yet) =)
    so i don't call myself "on-a-diet", korek, nakakapressure yung term. i just want to be healthy. yung hindi ka mapapagod agad, yung hindi ko i spoiled ang sarili to eat anything i crave, 'yung tipong i'm loosing weight without even noticing. that's better.
    of course i can't have a magic for the bilbils to suddenly disappear. but that's ok.
    in a month i dropped 5 kilos! that's a good start. my 29 size pants are now dropping. by christmas i need new pairs of Zara jeans! that would be a good reward for myself =)

  3. dear butterfly,
    good for u! sexy mo pala eh, it's just a matter of getting it back. i agree, one doesnt' have to be thin, to be sexy. i for one, just maintain. my only goal is to eliminate the little pouch in my midsection. it's hard! i mean, 3 pregnancies and all. saka when i had Ivan and Rania, I wasn't so careful about eating, talagang i pampered myself.
    i maintain my weigth mainly for health reasons. I'm so scared of getting high blood and diabetes, which runs in the family. i have an aunt who's almost blind because of diabetes. Osteoporosis, i'm also scared of. that's why i take these calcium supplements. And of course, I maintain my figure because i like dressing up. it's sooo frustrating to get into nice blouses if there are layers all over :(
    what's your goal weight ba? ok that's too personal :))) Wish you luck and I can't wait to see you in a new pair of zara's. BTW, i wore the black shirt you sent me at the singapore zoo. you didn't notice!!! I still need to find an occasion to wear the brown dress :) maybe when my mother in law arrives next month :)

    ciao, ripemango

  4. what is pomplemo juice??? same thing? from pomelo ba?

  5. pompelmo tagalog is suha! super asim. =)
    my weight goal, sana 45 to 40kg man lang. kahit chubby ako with all these bilbils. mahirap nang tanggalin, with 3CS i had i can't push so hard my body. bawal na ngang magbuhat ng superbigat. yeah, tama ka, high blood pressure is scary. 'yun ang gusto kong iwasan, so less cholesterol talaga.

    of course i notice the Zara shirt on SG Zoo blog. i really didn't mention, smile lang ako here. so, ganun ka ka-slim? S size for Zara top. size L or M ako depends on the design, hahaha.

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